Organizer is the "ERSA" (European Race Snowboard Association). The association was born called for by the Race Snowboard European Championship as well as other events Format to promote the Race Snowboard Sports. The athletes of this sport should In addition, the opportunity to compete with international competitors as well as to present themselves and their personal sponsors. Behind the "ERSA" are well-known race Snowboard clubs whose goal is to promote the sport and especially its offspring and to set additional impulses for the further development of the sport. The aim of the ERSA is not to profit from the events but to strengthen the community and the team spirit among the individual clubs and associations. The ERSA does not see itself as a competitor to the FIS. In addition, all generated funds will be used to promote the next generation and recruitment.

About the European Race Snowboard Championships (ERSA Open 2019)
The European Championship was held in the Olympiaregion Seefeld, which ideally between the metropolitan areas of Munich and Innsbruck. The event took place for the first time since this year 20 years from 08. - 10.02.2019 instead. The races were accompanied by an extensive Event program, as well as various offers for the spectators. This open championship was held in 6 classes from U-10 male-female to Master class male-female. Even in the first year of the event the organizers had well-known participants at the start, who could already establish themselves at the top of the world, such as Sabine Schöffmann and Alexander Payer just to name a few. By the positive Feedback from the athletes, coaches, clubs and associations, the ERSA has made it in the future the task to carry out the European Championship annually.


Campionati europei di snowboard alpino
08-09-febbraio 2020
Seefeld (AUT)


Hotel Partner



Petra Sobinger
Ludwig-Ganghofer-Str. 24
D-83471 Berchtesgaden
Tel + 49 171 423 107

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Raceoffice / Raceprogram

ERSA-Europeanchampionships Raceoffice
Tel ITA: +39 327 8370119
Tel DEU: +49 1511 2442446

Programma gare


Registrazione a partire dalle ore 17.00 Raceoffice
Teamcaptainmeeting ore 19.00 Raceoffice
Consegna pettorali ore 19.30 Raceoffice

07/02/2020 Curve Style Contest

8.00 lift open
9.15-9.45 ispection
10.00 start 1. heat
12.00 start 2. heat
18.00 pricegiving (mainplace a the buttonstazion -Rosshütte)
19.00 captainmeeting Raceoffice

08/02/2020 Slalom gigante

Ore 8.00 apertura impianti
Ore 9.15-9.45 ricognizione
Ore 10.00 partenza prima manche
Ore 12.15-12.45 ricognizione 2. manche
Ore 13.00 partenza 2. manche
Ore 18.00 premiazione (piazza – stazione a valle-Rosshütte)
Ore 19.00 captainmeeting Raceoffice

09/02/2020 Slalom

Ore 8.00 apertura impianti
Ore 9.15-9.45 ricognizione
Ore 10.00 partenza 1. manche
Ore 12.15-12.45 ricognizione 2. manche
Ore 13.00 partenza 2. manche
Ore 16.00 premiazione (piazza stazione a valle Rosshütte)

Modulo di richiesta
ERSAcup - Val Gardena - Intenational Snowboard Series


Racing Teams

Team Rabanser ITA

Tel: +39 327 8370119

ASV Villnöss (ITA)

Max Profanter
Tel: +39 347 8901533
@: max1065@gmail.com

ASV Burgstall (ITA)

Markus Ochner
Tel: +39 335 6110111
@: info@elektroochner.it

SC Nassereith/Imst-Tirol (AUT)

Markus Schleich
Tel: +43 650 9094848
@: schleich.markus@gmx.at

Y.S.R. (CZ)

Jan Krotil
Tel: +42 0604 433334
@: j.krotil@rubidea.cz 

SNO NAME Team Carrezza (ITA)

Ruggero Santuari
Tel: +43 331 3667136
@: rsantuzzo@yahoo.it


Bernd Wieser
Tel: +43 0676 840452300
@: pamela.pink@aon.at


Petra Elsterova
Tel: +42 0774 791106
@: elsterova@mcsp.cz

POLAND Snowboard Team (POL)

Pavel davidek
Tel: +48 660 783200
@:  pawel@dawidek.pl

SC TRENDSPORT  Weichberger (AUT)

 Monika Hammerschmidt
Tel: +43 0664 1504126
@: moni.hammerschmidt@gmail.com


Amalie Jansing
Tel:  +49 171 3524820
@: amalie.jansing@icloud.com

Hard Snowboard Moscow (RUS)

Tel: +7 962 9481230
@: zotov_111@mail.ru

Team Rabanser DEU/Camp2race

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